Whole Horse Program


Whole Horse instruction is one-on-one learning presented at either Silver Fiddle Ranch or at your own property.

The Whole Horse Connection

Barefoot for Health

If your horse goes barefoot (as they all can), and you want to learn the craft of barefoot trimming, as an owner-trimmer or are thinking of going professional, I offer introductory  lessons, mentoring and workshops.

For the horse owner, maintaining your  horse’s feet gives you a sense of self-sufficiency and gets you closer to knowing the health of your horse as you learn the whole body connection between feet and overall health.

As a Barefoot trimming profession you are rewarded  on many levels; you are offering a service that is financially and personally rewarding, helping horses keep healthy, owners learn more about the whole-horse connection, and meeting up with some very lovely people and horses.

I’ve been trimming my own and client’s horses for 7 years; mentoring students who are learning this craft as a profession, and coaching horse owners who want to keep their horses barefoot and healthy.

Contact us if you are interested in learning the craft of natural hoof care to arrange for classes to get you started and on your way to hoof care self-sufficiency.

I recommend anyone interested in pursuing barefoot hoof care as a profession to join Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners. If you work with me, I will ask that this be part of your training.

I offer the following training options:

Owner trimmers: Bring your own horse to Silver Fiddle Ranch, or I come where your horse is boarded.

$50/per horse at Silver Fiddle Ranch
$75/per horse for traveling – plus $.50/mile after 20 miles

Professional Trainee: Call for information

I also offer quarterly check-up services for $50 per horse for owner-trimmers or barefoot hoof care professionals looking for that extra eye once in awhile.

Contact us for Barefoot for Health appointments.