Jul 052012

Awakening Dreams – from Consciousness to Canvas
An Equine Assisted Personal Development Workshop

Awaken body mind and spirit through accessing the inner meaning of your dreams;  messages from your unconscious that can transform your life.

In this workshop you will experience ways to understand and learn from dreams that are often fleeting and gone before you awaken to the new day. Bringing a dream to work with, you will explore your dream through body movement, meditative reflection, and creation of mandala as a sacred space to hold your dream image. And with Horse as your guide, discover aspects of your Self that have been hiding away awaiting attention.

Self-exploration through dream work can be profound and transforming. If you have intention to seek your dream messages and are looking to explore emotions, feeling, and ways of approaching life that are not working for you right now, this workshop will help open some of those hidden windows to let in some light.

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