Customized Program


Individual sessions are offered following completion of Awakening Dreams workshop.

Building Relationship and Connection to your inner and outer world

Appointments for individual sessions are scheduled for those who would like to focus on specific areas of trans-personal development and are offered as an option for those continuing with the program beyond the Awakening Dreams workshop.

Our individual sessions are customized to fit your needs. Sessions are experiential in nature, are conducted at Silver Fiddle Ranch and include activities with the horses, experiences in nature, meditation, body modalities, and creative expression through art and writing.

Sessions can be arranged for individuals or couples and are 1 hour, one-on-one and designed to meet  your individual needs. Participation in Awakening Dreams workshop will give you a taste of the type of experiential learning that you will encounter in customized sessions.

Please contact me for information on programs designed specifically for children. All children programs are one on one.

All horse activities take place on the ground. Our horses appreciate the one on one individual attention and will reflect that back to you!

Price: $75/1-hour session

Topics to discover through individual sessions might include:

  • Understanding your emotions through discovering emotional agility
  • Finding a practice for healthy living
  • Uncovering personal insights through dreamwork
  • Building relationships through setting clear boundaries
  • Discovering the power of perception on your lens to the world
  • Entering into mindfulness and focus in your daily life
  • Discovering body awareness as a path to personal growth
  • Communicating with clarity and passion

Please contact us for more information on our individual Equine Assisted Personal Development sessions.