Trans-Personal Development Programs


Awakening Dreams Trans-Personal Development  programs and workshops offer a unique healing and learning environment for those who want to experience connection within their whole selves to find body, mind, spirit and life balance. As we recognize how our thoughts create our world, whether through intellect, bodily sensations, emotions, feelings  and through our latent intuition, we can find our balance within the chaotic world in which we live.

In our Equine Assisted Trans-Personal development program, horses are brought in to facilitate our learning. Horses physical movement and sensations, emotions, feelings and very active intuition, become a mirror in which we reflect our true nature. And within this mirror, we can see the beauty that is our birthright as we open to our dream of future happiness and peace. Our Equine Assisted Trans-Personal Development programs are designed for both those experienced with horses and those who have never been around horses.

Customized programs are offered for those who have specific areas they want to explore. Programs are also designed for children (please contact me for consultation on children’s programs). I invite those who are struggling with questions and problems in daily living, such as boundary issues or problems communicating with others about your needs. All of our programs are experiential in nature so be prepared to enjoy the process! Contact me to see if I can help with a program customized to your needs.

Awakening Dreams Workshop is offered as an introduction to my programs. This is a 3 hour workshop that includes a short introduction to some of the practices that we do for customized programs. These include creative expression (art and writing), meditation, movement, contemplative walks, and equine-assisted learning.

And if you want to know more and see for yourself what is offered, please phone or email to schedule a visit!

May I offer my space for your healing benefit and for the healing benefit of all sentient beings.