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Sep 252011


Psycho-Spiritual growth and learning through the Eyes of the Horse

Change is tough. It is something that happens every moment of the day without our even thinking about it. But when the big change comes, and you know what that can be, anything from a change in the weather to the death of a loved one, our whole world can fall apart. Or if we look closely and focus intently, perhaps our world can actually open up.

For me it seems that I seek change about once every generation.  I have to laugh at that because even though it’s always a tough choice, I seem to come out the better for it at the other side of the trauma that it might cause. So here at Silver Fiddle Ranch, we’re making changes and Windhorse is emerging from its chrysalis.

Silver Fiddle Ranch has been around for just about that generation of time where change is eminent. In 2002, I started simply to board some horses and have some fun with clinics and workshops on horsemanship, learn a bit about the horses, and then for me, about their feet and healthy living. This led to a rather successful hoof trimming business that helped me tremendously on my path to my current quest for change. Through all this work with the horses in my life, my horse clients, and my dear friends who love their horses, I’ve learned that truly getting into the horses spirit through this work  has been transformative for me in both mind and spirit. I wish to help others in their own transformative journeys through the power and spirit of the horse. And horses will be our teachers in this quest.


Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Jun 152008

Dedicated to the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses. Most of our banner pictures were taken during our visit to the Pryor Mountains.  I hope you enjoy them.

These pictures were taken by Mike during our photo shoot trip organized by wild horse photographer Lynne Pomeranz in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, Wyoming. The palomino roan stallion in some of the pictures in the full set is White Cloud, a somewhat famous horse.

Visit the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Center for Updates on these amazing horses.

Click on one of the pictures, or the “smugmug” link below for the full set

May 032008

We had a great turnout for the Amador County Veterinary Services presentation on the  gastrointestinal health of the horse. Two of my horses were scoped to see if they had any signs of ulcers, and I’m happy to say they were clean! I gave a short presentation on natural horse management and hoof care and talked a bit about the Silver Fiddle Ranch mission. We also had a delicious BBQ with tri-tip and all the fixings provided by Merial, makers of Gastroguard for horse ulcers. H

Here are a few pictures, visit Smugmug to see quite a few more.

Jul 262007

Our 2007 Saddle Fitting clinic with Dave was the usual roaring success. Dave’s humor and knowledge blended for a fact and fun filled day. Dave emphasizes the interrelation of the horse and the human both in the tack we use and in the way we ride and balance with our horse.  We had a great turnout and Dave helped many horses and their owners with saddles that will fit better and thereby improve their balance and performance.