It’s not  about me, but about you…  

My Equine Assisted Trans-Personal Development program was inspired by deep connections with my horses, and through inspirations awakened within me from the land in which I live. While attending The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in 2011/2012  and completing the Certificate in Transpersonal Studies program, I found inspiration to offer others the healing that I found within the program. Finding my own awareness of  connection within myself and between myself and the world in which I became Awakening Dreams; gestated and birthed through a year deep in contemplative and reflective learning so that I may invite you into your own personal healing for body, mind, spirit and heart. And my horses invite you to share with them the spirit that they share with me.

My experience coaching and facilitating for healing and personal development comes from a variety of experiences in my life and has focused on helping people become the best that they can be;  peer counseling and tutoring in college, managing and coaching usability engineers when I was working in the computer industry, horse back riding, horsemanship and handling lessons, and more recently barefoot trimming mentoring and coaching for those new to the model and wanting to apply it themselves through profession or as owner-trimmer. Throughout my experience in helping people become more of what they can be,  my  style has always been to bring the person into a state of deep learning and personal growth, regardless of the subject of learning.

My BS and MA degrees in Psychology, along with my continuing education through completing a Certificate in Transpersonal Studies, has informed my need to offer a program for what I will call Transpersonal development. Transpersonal is not just about you as a person, but about you within the world in which you live; emotional, physical, social, cultural and spiritual.

To further my skills and my own personal, spiritual development, I am completing a Counseling Psychology MA program at Sofia University (formerly Institute of Transpersonal Psychology). when I complete the program, I will practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

My approach to transpersonal development brings my presence to you as a facilitator for you to find solutions and answers to your questions through your own innate wisdom. I offer structure and the means to bring forward your insights and awareness, and Horse teams up with us to facilitate an awakening into where you are and where you would like to be in your life.

Transpersonal Psychology has offered a natural evolution for my work with Horse. The transpersonal is that which is beyond the individual. It defines our humanity while opening us up to the universe of possibilities. Within this vast universe of the transpersonal, we can discover our True Nature, as we connect to our inner and outer worlds. Equine Assisted Personal Development is a powerful transpersonal approach integrating mind, body, and spirit into the world of Horse.

Through all elements of finding our true nature – creativity, contemplation, reflection, experiential activities, body awareness, and most important, connecting to Horse who is our teacher – we learn to commune with our innate wisdom finding peace within the nature of our true selves.

We can never obtain peace in the outer world
until we make peace with ourselves – Dalai Lama