Jul 052012

As we open and empty ourselves, we come to experience an interconnectedness,
the realization that all things are joined and conditioned in an interdependent arising.
Each experience and event contains all others. – Jack Kornfeld

As I look outside my window, watching horses grace the pasture with their presence, I come away with a clear picture of the truth to what Jack Kornfeld writes about interdependence and interconnectedness. We are all a part of this celestial body that we call Earth, and through interconnectedness, we all can enjoy its bounty.

We are interconnected through our very DNA, the elements that run through our bodies, whether we are human or horse, butterfly or spider, oak tree or natty weed.This interconnectedness is what keeps our world alive.

This is expressed so clearly from the world around me as I gaze out my window. Without the earth below, we have no rocks, without the rocks we have no sand, without the sand we have no dirt to grow the grasses and the trees. Without the grasses we have no food, without food we do not live. And as the circle of life turns back, if we do not live, the grasses do not grow,  the dirt, sand, rocks, will have no life to support, the earth itself, will not live.

Life is such a beautiful tangle of interdependence, of connectedness. Lets enjoy this feeling today as we join to celebrate the interconnectedness of our Nation’s Independence. Something we might all think differently on if we truly understand the notion of interdependence.

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