Jul 052012

Awakening Dreams – from Consciousness to Canvas
An Equine Assisted Personal Development Workshop

Awaken body mind and spirit through accessing the inner meaning of your dreams;  messages from your unconscious that can transform your life.

In this workshop you will experience ways to understand and learn from dreams that are often fleeting and gone before you awaken to the new day. Bringing a dream to work with, you will explore your dream through body movement, meditative reflection, and creation of mandala as a sacred space to hold your dream image. And with Horse as your guide, discover aspects of your Self that have been hiding away awaiting attention.

Self-exploration through dream work can be profound and transforming. If you have intention to seek your dream messages and are looking to explore emotions, feeling, and ways of approaching life that are not working for you right now, this workshop will help open some of those hidden windows to let in some light.

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Jul 052012

As we open and empty ourselves, we come to experience an interconnectedness,
the realization that all things are joined and conditioned in an interdependent arising.
Each experience and event contains all others. – Jack Kornfeld

As I look outside my window, watching horses grace the pasture with their presence, I come away with a clear picture of the truth to what Jack Kornfeld writes about interdependence and interconnectedness. We are all a part of this celestial body that we call Earth, and through interconnectedness, we all can enjoy its bounty.

We are interconnected through our very DNA, the elements that run through our bodies, whether we are human or horse, butterfly or spider, oak tree or natty weed.This interconnectedness is what keeps our world alive.

This is expressed so clearly from the world around me as I gaze out my window. Without the earth below, we have no rocks, without the rocks we have no sand, without the sand we have no dirt to grow the grasses and the trees. Without the grasses we have no food, without food we do not live. And as the circle of life turns back, if we do not live, the grasses do not grow,  the dirt, sand, rocks, will have no life to support, the earth itself, will not live.

Life is such a beautiful tangle of interdependence, of connectedness. Lets enjoy this feeling today as we join to celebrate the interconnectedness of our Nation’s Independence. Something we might all think differently on if we truly understand the notion of interdependence.

Jul 052012

Transitions – Through the Rabbit Hole of Life

“Who are you?” said the Caterpillar …
“I – I hardly know, Sir, just at present,” Alice replied rather shyly,
“at least I know who I was when I got up this morning,
but I think I must have changed several times since then.”

-       Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

A question to my reader, who are you? As Alice ponders with Caterpillar, who you are changes all the time.

Change means letting go of what was, moving into a state of confusion, and then starting anew.

-       There is a time of letting go of what was; I was a woman who put much to thinking and reflection, but offered little of her true self for fear of rejection.

-       There is a time of suffering with the confusion of the “in-betweenness”; I am doing but I doubt; sitting in confusion as I write, erase, start over…finding conviction, write, doubt … as I move between feelings of conviction and doubt.

-       And finally, a time of finding the strength to start a new beginning; I find my heart to reveal my Self through the alchemy of words and the joy and awe of the universe of possibilities that await me. I share of myself in service to others.

Letting go means diving into painful wounds that I’d rather let be. My struggles within the in-between time bring up doubts and indecisions, pulling me back from the change that is calling out to me. Envisioning the new beginning, realizing my doubts and wounds will always be a part of me, gives me the strength of Soul to continue on in this process of transition.

These struggles of transition and change are necessary to move within the progression of life. They bring aliveness to my life and awareness to my Soul. Now, who am I? Soul on a journey of discovery, a body and mind feeding experience to Soul, and who I am tomorrow will enjoy the fruits of the labor of which I engaged in today.

I’m jumping down the rabbit hole for a most exciting ride! Come join me!

Note: If you would like to learn more about making sense of life transitions, I suggest the book, “Transitions” by William Bridges. This book is the essential guide for coping with changes in life.