Spring Grazing

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Jun 182012
Horse on the Lava Cap

Well, it’s a little past spring now. I let the horses out on the lava cap to graze a few weeks ago – too muddy to let them out there in the winter. Happy Horses!

Jun 132012

In 2011 I completed a one-year facilitator study program with Cathryn Clerc of Hippocrene Spring’s The Art of Listening Within. Cathryn holds an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is an Epona Approved Instructor who completed a two-year program with Linda Kohanov, founder of the Epona program. In addition to my training in psychology and the Epona study program with Cathryn, my resume includes

  • 15 years as a usability engineer with fortune 500 companies, independent consultant and web-site designer.
  • Horsemanship and riding instructor.
  • A student of the horse from the horses point of view (Harry Whitney, Shea Stewart).
  • Natural barefoot hoof trimmer and mentor/teacher for those interested in this field as a career.
  • Managing and running Silver Fiddle Ranch
  • Director positions in various community organizations in Amador County CA dedicated to human welfare and the conservation of resources in our beautiful county.

And last but not least, completing my 2nd graduate degree in Counseling Psychology while offering personal growth experiential learning workshops at our beautiful facility.

I have dedicated the last 18 years working with mentors and teachers who have demonstrated pronounced horse-human communication abilities. Learning to communicate with the horse through the horse’s point of view has led me to deepen my awareness of the healing power of horses as it has led to my own personal healing and growth. The inspiration to create a personal growth program has come from my own healing through my horse’s wisdom and my desire to share this wisdom with others.

Horses have much to teach us, through their spirit, their emotions, and their intuitive minds, and if we listen carefully to them, they will speak to us.