Dec 172011

Peace isn’t an experience free of challenges, free of rough and smooth; It’s an experience that’s expansive enough to include all that arises without feeling threatened. – Pema Chodron

In this time of darkness as winter approaches, the solstice coming with a promise that light will follow, I bring my contemplations into my values and desires for a more compassionate and peaceful world.  As Ven. Chodron suggests in her quote, peace is something of value, and in our world that we create, we find peace not only in what is good and easy but in what we harbor within our fears and frustrations as well.

What does peace mean to me? I came up with this list while typing this reflection, finding this moment in time to list a few thoughts on where I find peace. As I reflect, I come to see that moments of peace can truly be moments of joy and happiness that come to me from my world, while others require me to find peace within myself so that I can, with all of my intention, impact a more positive world outside myself. Here is my list on finding those feelings of peace…

  • I notice a physical discomfort, pain or uncomfortable feeling within my body. Breathing deeply into the feeling, releasing the tension that accompanies the discomfort, I find peace in the release.
  • As I attend to a client’s horse to trim their feet, I find the calm and concentration amongst the sometimes chaotic, incongruent words and actions taking place around me and the horse.
  • Attending a community meeting of disparate people coming together for a common cause, finding like-minded congruency in thought and action despite our differences of opinion.
  • Watching horses grazing in the pasture, friends and foe, making peace within their community while enjoying the time together in complete accord.
  • Finding mutual need for closeness when waking in the middle of the night to find my cat snuggled within my arms in the cold of a winter night.
  • Reading a quote from a spiritual tradition that moves me into introspection and awareness and then taking this awareness into my world.
  • Smelling the cold frosty air as I inhale my first breath upon walking outside to feed my horses as I realize the importance of the preciousness of each moment in my life.
  • Experiencing the authentic excitement and joy of my dogs as they greet me in the morning and as they realize I am still here in their world with them.
  • Finding connection with friends and foe in authentic expressions of joy and love following a moment of conflicting emotions.
  • Being, just Being, in comfort and discomfort is peace.

Can you make a list where you find peace for yourself and then share it with the world?

Much love, and peace


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