Jan 052010

The  new year is here, 2010 already. On New Years Eve, I looked up at the raising blue moon and saw quite an exquisite pink edged halo surrounding a shinning orb raising through the trees in the darkening eastern skies. Wow! This has to be a good sign, right? Well, regardless of signs, it definitely means some thinking about the year to come is in order. So off I am to make some resolutions, keeping track to make sure at least some of them come to pass. Here’s my list, there are only 4 of them, so they should be easy to keep, right?

First – Get back to working with my horses! This is first and foremost because my beautiful horses have had way too much time on their hands. I actually started working on this resolution in December and the reward is that those horses who I’ve had time to work with so far are feeling tons better about themselves and what is expected of them. And I’m feeling better too because we are finally, once again, communicating! My mustangs Gracie and Isabella will become riding horses this year if I can keep this resolution – quite a motivator for sure!

Second – Keep myself strong and healthy. For 60 going on 61 in February, I’m pretty dang strong. Trimming horses as a profession, and keeping up the ranch assures me of this. I’m adding weight training to ensure equal muscle development and practicing yoga consistently for, well, all the good stuff that yoga does for you!  Health was a bit of an issue for me  in 2009 – I kind of reached bottom during the summer, found Dr. Dennis Godby my Naturopathic doctor, and made a turnaround to regain my physical and spiritual health. Finding that my diet was probably the most important aspect of why I was always feeling so poorly both physically and mentally has been a true revelation. I got a taste of the diet issue during the holidays with a revisiting of the IBS I’ve suffered from on and off for years,  and I have decided that I will no longer go back there – so diet, exercise and attention to my total well-being will definitely be a part of 2010.

Third – Attend to my spiritual growth and development. We all have a connection to the spiritual in some way or another. For me spirituality is very personal.  I see Spirit in everything that is in my world, very much so in all of my animals who are so close to nature but also in the ecological bounty of the land that embraces Silver Fiddle Ranch. I see it in, family, friends and the relationships I make in the day to day nature of my work. Meditation and contemplation on both my inner nature and the world around me is a daily part of my life today and something that I will continue to explore in 2010.

Fourth – Strengthening ties and building relationships that will foster all that I do. This may mean giving up some relationships or aspects of myself that are comfortable and embracing others that may not be as comfortable… at least at the onset.  Part of this is redefining my business goals, perhaps reaffirming why I’m doing what I do and how I do it or making changes that will help me reach my goals.  It means seeing things in a different perspective, taking the time to let it all happen and come together and not getting so hard on myself when my insecurities take hold. I think I’ve often taken on relationships that would not let me be true to myself – so in 2010, being true to myself and my beliefs,  while causing no harm to others and fostering relationships that can help me with this will be my quest.

So there, only 4 resolutions. I hope you all have made some for yourselves and have some good adventures to make them happen in 2010.

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