Oct 262009
Buster: 12 yo Gelding. shoes pulled in March of 2009. Initial trim in May from Lola. Attended her clinic in June (5 wks later). Trimmed every 4 weeks for a while. Went to every 5 weeks. Made adjustment to environment as best I could….Spreading hay around pasture fence line farthest away from water as possible and got my exercise too. Went to nibblenets placed farthest away from water as possible. Supplimented with Hoof HQ ( will go to Cal Trace when I run out. ) beet pulp and salt. Road base and pea graveled the padocks at the barn. It has been just this last month that the changes have occured. I did size him for boot/pads. Treated a possible underlying fungal infection. Had a body worker out to evaluate. Hoping to get more of a heel first landing. I  carved once on his sole months back, and have never done it since. Whatever came out with a hoof pick was what I took. Walls tightened up and concavity appeared. We rode out at Red Hills (Satans rock pile) in Chiness Camp, did test rides in the Emigarant across rocky trails and granite slabs. My skills have improved dramaticlly and each hoof/horse teaches me something new. I look forward to finishing my mentorships and moving along in the next phase of certification. Thank you Lola and the PHCP group for all your help.
Click our picture to see Busters feet

Click our picture to see Buster's feet

Oct 182009

A great clinic with two highly skilled people Helen Harvey and Stacy Berger. Helen Harvey provided insights into Feldenkrais, how incorrect body movement and blockages affect our horses performance, and how to start to locate those blockages; and how we as trimmers can learn to educate our bodies to work more efficiently in our demanding jobs. Stacy Berger covered an amazing amount of valuable information on saddle fitting, English, Dressage, Endurance, Western and Treeless, pros and cons, what to look for, how saddles can influence your horses performance and contribute to those incorrect body movements that we strive to eliminate in our horses.

We’ll repeat this clinic next spring in a 2-day format. Stay tuned for updates on when this will happen.